Agar Agar

Agar Agar is an extract from seaweed


Our softgelagar is a pure agar E-406, which, however, results in a creamy texture due to the specially developed extraction process and is already completely dissolved at approx. 75 °C…[read more]


Hydrocolloids are used as binders and thickeners, stabilizers, texturizers or texture improvers, and in some applications as.[read more]


The raw materials listed here are colorants of organic origin. Sie dienen zur Herstellung von Farbstoffen, die als gesundheitlich unbedenklich gelten und für die [read more]


The starting raw material for our wide range of shellac grades is always a resinous substance derived from the.[read more]


Oceanfiber (Flour of seaweed Gracilariopsis longissima)


Fast Soluble Agar
Conventional Agar-Agar has been well known as a hydrocolloid of purely vegetarian origin with an excellent water binding [read more]

Drugs / Resins / Balms

Die hier aufgeführten Rohstoffe sind unterschiedlichen pflanzlichen Ursprungs. Sie dienen überwiegend als Basis zur …[read more]


Our natural waxes are used in many ways as additives to ointments, for the production of candles, shoe polishes and floor polishes. Also.[read more]

Paint raw materials

Here we are talking about natural resins of different botanical origin. The raw materials differ in hardness, color and grain/size.[read more]


The so-called superfoods are gaining more and more importance ! Here you will find the products available with us![read more]