A new development in the World of Hydrocolloids


Conventional Agar-Agar has been well known as a hydrocolloid of purely vegetarian origin with an
excellent water binding capacity, and as such is well introduced in the world of the food industry.
Furthermore, we presented to our customers already some years ago the specialty softgelagar with
particularly low gel strengths for all applications where softness or a creamy consistency are required, such
as the full range of dairy products, ready-made puddings, and many more.

Why now this new type of softgelagar easy series?
This newly developed specialty offers on top of the already well known advantages of the softgelagar series
yet the following :

• Fast solubility
• Easy dispersion in high sugar concentration
• High synergy with sugar
• Soluble at the comparatively low temperature of 80°C, instead of cooking at 100°C of conventional agar. And – what is more! – the in-house tests by the manufacturer have shown that even at this lower temperature the complete dissolution of the agar powder and consequently the given gel strength are kept up as specified.
• That means: High gel strength and performance at lower temperature.
• Good synergy with milk protein at all pH-values.

Hence, this newest innovative product can be a breakthrough especially for applications which do not
tolerate a process at cooking temperature.
For a start, we offer 2 types of this new product:
softgelagar easy 500
softgelagar easy 300

Could we raise your interest?

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