Oceanfiber as Clean Label !!!

We have finally made it! Our

to register! We are very happy about this, because now we can recommendOceanfiber to you as a fiber donor and gelling agent in food with a clear conscience:
The product is classified as “flour from seaweed of the speciesGracilaria verrucosa, suitable for human consumption.” The most important consequence of this official classification for us and our customers is theClean Label, which means:
Oceanfiber does NOT need an E-number
Here you will find today already 3 guideline formulations for Oceanfiber as examples for possible applications, as well as our info flyer about Oceanfiber. You are very welcome to send your inquiries directly to Mirko Ahrens mirko.ahrens@a2-trading.com We would also be very pleased to receive further inquiries, possible sample requests or your requests for additional information material.

Flyer Oceanfiber

Oceanfiber in Jelly Sweets

Oceanfiber in Granola Bars

Oceanfiber in Chocolate Milk