Market Reports September 2016



Since our market report from April of this year, we have already had to observe the trend towards a steady increase in the price of this commodity. And while we were able to serve quite a few of our customers from pre-ordered quantities in the last 4 months, we now have to expect that the difficult situation in the countries of origin will also have an impact on the world market.


Conventional processing of red seaweed (class Rhodophyta) focuses entirely on the recovery of the water-soluble components – such as agar-agar – while the water-insoluble components – which consist mainly of dietary fibers – are usually discarded.
Now, with the use of newly developed technologies, both fiber components are united in a mature, novel product that is predominantly made of highly functional plant fibers and allows flexible usability in many fields of application:

Seaweed is a traditionally passed down component of human food.
In this respect, A2 oceanfiber does NOT require an E-number, which would have been typical for a food additive. This special feature offers the end user great flexibility in formulation and labeling.


Advantages of A2 OCEANFIBER powder
– Contains both types of ballast fiber found in red algae, soluble as well as insoluble
– 34% dietary fibers are contained in 10 g oceanfiber
– Extremely well suited for dietary supplements/weight control products
– High capacity for water absorption or binding
– Gives a full-bodied texture and a juicy feeling in the mouth
– Gluten free
– Rich in functional minerals
– Completely neutral in taste and smell
– Easy and practical to insert into industrial formulations
– NO E-number, “Clean Label” – friendly

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