Market Report Rubber Traganth February 2018

Dear Customer,

our long-standing contract supplier in the origin is just giving us a small interim report or overview of the general market situation.
Unfortunately, no reliable figures for the past year are available at present – so we have to fall back on the statistics for 2016. At that time, about 170 tons of Traganth were exported from Iran, while a significantly smaller portion went directly to customers in the country. As expected, “normal” crop yields were achieved in 2016,
as no extreme climate fluctuations or other influences caused extraordinary failures. For 2017, Iran is expecting similar total revenues.
Harvesting begins every year from June/July, and from around September the raw material arrives at the finishers.
At the moment the market is quite stable and we can offer you Traganth in different qualities and with different viscosities.
Therefore, we would now like to find out the quantitative and qualitative needs of our customers before prices start to rise again until the new harvest.